As humans, we need to earn a living to fulfill our basic needs. We have a choice: working hard to find a suitable job, or nurturing our passions and ideas to become entrepreneurs.

On one hand, we work under someone else’s guidance and vision. On the other, we have all the control over our work, ideas, and management. This often leads to the mindset that if we’re not running our own company, we’re merely employees at the mercy of our employer. We fear layoffs and take the perception of limited value .

You see, when you work on building your own company, one that you start from brick level, you work hard, you definitely put in your blood sweat and tears in, because it’s like your own baby, right? But when it comes to being an employee, most of us tend to just work like robots. Like we work because we have to. Like we work because it’s paying us. No more, no less.

But… imagine the untapped potential and hidden talents that you could discover within you if you really work with zeal? Not just when you work for your own company, but even when you work for another company. If you work like you own the company, you will actually be building a ladder for yourself that takes you higher! 

Forget the company and them laying you off, if you work at your full potential, there’s no stopping how much you can develop yourself. In terms of skills, ideas, brainstorming, creative thinking ability, critical thinking ability, and even problem solving skills. Aim your mind at all these, and work at your job like you own it. 

Don’t worry, it’s not just for the company or the money, it’s for yourself, your upskilling, and earning yourself a step higher up the ladder.

Now keep in mind this doesn’t mean you have to outdo yourself, or lose your work-life balance. It just means making effective use of your time and your productivity. So try it! Work like you own it!

All the best!